Kyle Sloter Quarterback

Kyle Sloter is the quarterback for University of Northern Colorado. He is a quarterback that I have been training. Last year he was not on a draft list at all. This year he was picked in the Steelers 7 round mock draft. We have worked together to improve his skills and he has continued to progress exponentially.

Steve Fairchild - Kyle Sloter - Quarterback Training Denver

Kyle Sloter is definitely one of the best up and coming quarterbacks in college football. He is poised to be one of the most saught after quarterbacks in the NFL draft. There are a lot of college quarterbacks but very few are as likely to be drafted as Kyle Sloter. Let’s face it, Kyle Sloter was already a great quarterback when we started working with him at Steve Fairchild Quarterback Training. However, we were able to identify the areas in which he needed improvement. Then we were able to develop an individual training plan for Kyle that allowed him to continue to progress and improve his skillset where he needed it the most.

Steve Fairchild focuses on creating individual skill development plans for each and every one of the quarterbacks in the training program. When a quarterback trainer uses the same training plan for every quarterback it can slow the rate of progress for the quarterback. There are some skills that a quarterback may me highly proficient in, where they do not need assistance. The best quarterback trainers will evaluate and identify areas of weakness so those areas can be addressed first and foremost.

Whether you are on the path to going pro like Kyle Sloter or you are just getting started on your path to becoming a quarterback, Steve Fairchild is the right quarterback trainer for you. If you need quarterback training Denver Colorado area residents, call me. We look forward to hearing from you.